Transferring as a double major student

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Transferring as a double major student

Some ambitious students enroll in not just one degree program, but two. Individuals who are majoring in two subjects may still want to transfer to another Catholic university, but doing so as a double major student can be complicated.

The first thing these individuals should do is discuss their plans with an admissions officer at the Catholic colleges and universities they are considering applying to, in order to determine how many of their credits will transfer. If individuals are thinking of taking this course of action, they may find that their prospective schools only offer one of their two majors. If this is the case, it may take longer to find an alternative institution.

In addition, with twice the workload comes twice the potential for missed credits. While this does not necessarily mean that students cannot transfer, they may need to repeat several classes in order to successfully graduate at their new school. Transfer students who are considering switching colleges as a double major student may need to accept that doing so could prolong the amount of time it will take to earn their qualifications.

It is also likely that admissions officials at students’ prospective schools will want to see sound reasoning behind the decision to transfer as a double major student, so individuals considering this route may want to spend additional time explaining their motivations in their application essays.

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